Archive of specialized events of Iranian Business Management Association

In this section of the website, all the important activities and events that have taken place can be displayed in the following order:

  1. Conferences held
    1. The first process-based management conference in the broadcast industry
    2. The first international conference on new developments in management, economics and accounting
    3. Holding the first business intelligence conference in Iran
  2. Seminars and lectures
    1. National Conference Made in Iran
    2. The Second International Conference on New Approaches in Science, Technology and Engineering
    3. The Second Conference on Intelligent Transport Control Systems
    4. Do-it-yourself lectures for knowledge-based companies
    5. Chaos training seminar in the mirror of industry
    6. Brafkan Innovation Workshop
  3. Attending exhibitions
    1. Fourth National Movement Festival
  4. Hits
    1. Visit to Golnan Puratos Company
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